How It Works


STOP NOW foundation is a community of individuals seeking to support and strengthen the social good sector. We do this by matching professionals who want to donate their time and talent with resources who need those skills.

​As a for-purpose social enterprise, and certified B-Corp, we are creating a new type of business model: one which demonstrates that you can focus on a social mission and build a successful business at the same time.  We are committed to providing transformation to volunteer experiences by enabling individuals to use their talents in service of our shared humanity. Our vision is a more empathetic, inclusive, and loving world.

Our Mision

We trust we can transform the social good ecosystem by saving organizations time, money, and resources through connections with skilled volunteers who get rewarded for their contributions. Organizations join our community through a financial commitment, which may be funded by a grant maker.  Our Commitment to organizations, are to complete the important work, to provide the staff to have the opportunity to develop professional skills, thereby strengthening organizational capacity and helping change makers achieve their goals.

We aim to create a more collaborative and equitable environment where all organizations have access to high-quality talent, and where skilled professionals have a deeper understanding of the social good sector.

Ultimately, all of our work serves our mission: creating a world where it is commonplace to serve for the greater good.

Our Story

Stop Now Foundation mission is to help change the world by giving people the information they needed to do good.

But the world faces growing challenges: polarization, climate change, technological revolution, racism, poverty and inequality. That’s why we combined our talent, technology, data, and leadership to become a new organization. Now, it’s easier than ever to get the information you need to create a change in the world.

We see a future in which

  • Everyone speaks honestly about what they do, what works, and what can be improved
  • People and organizations can make the greatest impact
  • Private resources are deployed more effectively toward the public good

We want to help the people

  • Evaluate and share their ideas and work for a better community
  • Have access to tools that help them do good for everyone
  • Improve their skills and share the knowledge so that we can transform the world