Stop H-1B

Stop H-1B

Our Fight Against H-1B Abuses

At Stop Now, we dedicate ourselves to fighting human injustice and fostering a better world for all. Our mission is to build and uphold the connections that will enlighten us. Through our shared stories, we can help foster a more compassionate world. Alongside other important projects, the halting of the H-1B visa program stands above the rest. Squarely aimed at our goals, we seek to end the system of cruelty and Labor Trafficking committed by large, and small, corporations in America.

What Is The H-1B Visa Program?

The H-1B visa is one currently offered by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, under the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952. It enables U.S companies to temporarily hire foreign workers for positions requiring special skill. Labeled a “nonimmigrant” visa, it’s typically requested in such places as the tech industry, science research, architecture, accounting, and finance. However, the precarious status in which the “nonimmigrant” finds himself often leads him, or her, into an underpaid and overworked situation. On the path to citizenship, the H-1B visa holder often finds himself fighting to stay in the company, and in-country, as employers threaten legal action and deportation if the visa holder doesn’t obey their exact demands.

Why Should We Stop It?

The main result of the H-1B visa program has been a form of modern slavery that endangers human dignity and rights. The workers employed under this suspiciously leveraged scheme are often faced with longer hours and less pay than is required by the government. The Department of Labor has certain standards for H-1B incomes, to prevent the displacement of American workers, amidst the CEO’s quest for cheaper labor, and lower costs. The visa itself has always been outsourcing, at best, and meeting the cruelty of other human trafficking cases, at worst.

It’s been labeled, “a cheap labor program,” and now is heavily criticized by human rights activists. It’s now called labor trafficking, a form of human trafficking. The H-1B visa has become the bane of hard-working and talented foreign workers that deserve fair compensation. Instead, the companies take advantage, as captors, and force a desperation in the visa holder: for their citizenship, and their life. The foreign laborer is given monotonous work, grossly underpaid, and treated with deception, antagonism, inhumanity. Their power is stripped from them, as they’re unable to choose which employer for whom they can work. This is due to the power of the employer, the visa contract resting solely in their hands. They can fire the visa holder for any reason, raise litigation against them, demand repayment for some contrivance. If the visa holder loses his job, he loses his chance at citizenship. In his working day, he’s stripped of all possible dignity, and degraded completely, as the only benefit rests with the outsourced businesses, saving thousands of dollars while increasing their business value.

What we imagine.

By coming together as a collective force, we can lead the movement to reclaim the dignity of these foreign laborers. We can make a better world by putting an end to this form of Modern Slavery. We implore every one of you to read more about the injustice the H-1B program has created and see the clear path to a more dignified and compassionate world. We don’t set out to publicly shame any one person or company, and we aren’t driven by any political motivation or group. We intend to foster the improvement of all humanity and make the fair and just working environment we’ve been seeking all along.

How can you help?

Stop Now encourages members of our community to volunteer, fundraise, and donate. We need all the support we can get in the fight for liberation. By donating to our cause, you can bolster the thousands of underpaid workers who need your support in their battle for equality. We’ll continue marching forward in the pursuit of human rights, never-ending until its final accomplishment. You can help us achieve our goal. Take action along with us, today, and help improve the working conditions of all who find themselves at the mercy of a malignant employer who’s hellbent on their unspoken mantra: profit over people.

Stop Now has a continual mission to fight injustice. We’re both a foundation and community of individuals looking to support and strengthen the social good sector. We’re confident that we can effectively transform the social good ecosystem by saving organizations time, money, and resources through our connections with skilled volunteers and collaborators. Organizations can join our community through a partnership commitment that can be funded by a grant maker. 

Any questions? Get in touch with us, learn more about contributing, and help us change the world.