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COVID-19 has impacted every aspect of our life. We need Volunteers to support our communities and find ways to reinvent instead of panic and struggle.

Racism in America

Racism in America – What We Know About It? The term “Racism” has taken the world by storm. The recent incident of the cruel arrest of George Perry Floyd led to one of the biggest protests in history. But why did this single incident churned the hearts of millions? Well, the answer dates back to …

Stop H-1B Visa Program

Our Fight Against H-1B Abuses At Stop Now, we dedicate ourselves to fighting human injustice and fostering a better world for all. Our mission is to build and uphold the connections that will enlighten us. Through our shared stories, we can help foster a more compassionate world. Alongside other important projects, the abolition of the ...

Covid -19 Awareness Initiative

Supporting people affected by the Coronavirus